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Oral Surgery


Oral Surgery Location

Our oral surgeon’s office is located inside the Smiles for Kids Orthodontics building located at 9211 Eagle Ranch Rd, Albuquerque 87114. To schedule an appointment call 505-892-9010 and select option 4 or we can schedule it on your behalf.

An oral surgeon is a type of dental surgeon who has a 4-year dental degree and has been specially trained for an additional 4 years in surgery, focused on the hard and soft tissue of the head, neck, jaw and face.

I would recommend this dentist, they are amazing and nice, they always have a smile when you walk into the door.
Andrea H.

Our Services

We offer 2 types of oral surgery: wisdom teeth extraction and orthodontic exposures. Unlike our pediatric practice, we treat adults as well as children.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last four teeth to emerge at the back of the mouth. Often these teeth need to be removed.

Learn More about Wisdom Teeth

Orthodontic Exposures

When an adult root won’t erupt from the gums, an orthodontic exposure surgically exposes the tooth.

Learn more about Orthodontic Exposures

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