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Braces for a Better Smile

Braces for a better smile

Contrary to a popular misconception, braces aren’t only meant to make the smile more aesthetically appealing, or straighter. Orthodontic treatments, especially those meant for children in their pre-teens, are aimed at correcting skeletal and functional issues that will help them speak, chew and smile better.

What are braces and how do orthodontic treatments for kids work?

Orthodontic treatments involve the use of different appliances and therapies aimed at correcting crowding and spacing issues, irregular jaw rotations, and bite issues. These problems can often make it difficult for children to speak or bite/chew food properly.

Conventional orthodontic braces involve the placement and bonding of bands and brackets on to the front surfaces of the teeth. A fine wire is then run through these brackets and fitted into the molar bands. The wire exerts a gentle pressure that can push and pull the teeth towards new, correct positions in order to align the smile. Depending upon the nature of the case and its requirements, additional appliances such as space maintainers, arch expanders, head gears and other devices may be used to achieve better results.

What age is most suitable for kids to get braces at?

Ideally, pediatric dentists and orthodontists suggest that kids can and should get their braces when most of their primary teeth have fallen out and the permanent teeth are now taking their place in the arches. The sooner the treatment is completed, the better lifestyle a child can enjoy in terms of dental functionality and smile aesthetics.

What are some of the dental issues that braces can correct?

  • Orthodontic treatments can effectively correct:
  • Overcrowding and unwanted spacing issues in the arches
  • Cross bites and scissor bites
  • Unusually forward or backward positioned teeth
  • Backward or forward positioning of the lower jaw
  • Over-erupted or retained teeth
  • Mal-alignment and malocclusion of the teeth
  • Overjet and overbites
  • Crooked teeth

How long do kids have to keep wearing braces?

The duration varies from case to case, which is why every orthodontic treatment is carefully and meticulously planned, addressing every dental issue individually. Following the completion of the treatment, kids are required to wear retainers every day to make sure there is no relapse, and that the teeth remain firmly in their new positions for as long as possible.

Braces can ensure an overall better lifestyle for your child, which is why we encourage you not to delay it. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or book an appointment today!

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